With Odoo, Emipro Transformed Warehouse Digital Processes For EHALE

Company:  EHALE
Location:  Belgium
Industry:  E-cigarettes
Apps  Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Project, Manufacturing, Email Marketing, Quality, Helpdesk, Marketing Automation, Consolidation, Product Lifecycle Management 
Odoo Users:  13
Hosting: Odoo Enterprise On-premise
Implementation  Timeline:  6 Months
Implementation  Partner:  Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  

EHALE is a Belgian electronic cigarette, e-liquid, aroma, and accessory wholesaler. EHALE believes in providing its consumers with devices that include delectable e-liquids, high-quality aromas, and handy accessories at the most affordable costs and of the finest quality. EHALE is a reliable partner who deals in guaranteed quality products. They ensure timely delivery of all volumes and have worked with some of the industry's most well-known and trusted brands.

Challenges Cropping Up
With the growth of the company, errors and repetitive work was also multiplying. Initially, EHALE’s warehouse management was more dependent on traditional processes. This hindered work accuracy and timely deliveries of products. The lack of automation and scanning workflow made it difficult to track products, as items were often wrongly picked or misplaced. Previously they used to require enormous manual labor that in return increased errors and decreased efficiency.

As the things offered are consumable (edible), the product unit with the shortest expiration date should be picked up first from the rack. On a first-expire first-out basis, the FEFO approach had to be used to select the products that would expire sooner.

Moreover, it was difficult for the company to direct the employees through the warehouse. Because EHALE’s warehouse is divided into different locations, zones, and sectors. The staff required a path to take the most efficient route to the main zone, a location within the zone to scan the right product. After watching the decreased efficiency, increased time lag, and worse work structure, the company realized the need for a modern-day ERP system. 

"Our multi-company enterprise's core requirement, in addition to a number of other ERP requirements, was an all-encompassing Warehouse Management System. We wanted our workforce to enjoy a pleasant warehouse experience, starting right from mobile-operated scanning software to replenishment and advanced re-ordering. You must understand that you need some particular mechanism to accurately suggest product picking areas for bulk and retail orders and such other related processes."

Solutions That Transformed The System
Odoo is a one-stop solution for all the needs of EHALE. With all the things they require to make processes smooth, error-free, and automated, under one roof, Odoo solves the issues like a pro. EHALE choose Odoo’s reliable partner Emipro Technologies to implement the system.


The system has become so efficient that right from the product pick-up to the delivery, the process becomes smooth. The system itself is managing the most part. Once the personnel chooses the order, the system takes them on the most cost-effective route and shows them the locations of various products one by one. The system's product recommendations were made using the FEFO method, which indicated which products had approaching expiration dates and thus must be picked up first.

For packing, Odoo suggests which and how many boxes to use for each order’s packing and that’s how packing resources are used optimally. When products are purchased, each product's dimensions are entered into the system to use for the calculation of the box suggestion.

The warehouse is divided into four zones: single, bulk, batch, and pallet. When a specific area's stock reaches an alarming level, that area's stock is restored from the next large area. The system provides suggestions for replenishment.

All warehouse-related clutter ended with the creation of barcode scanning workflow and software automation in the warehouse. Emipro included quick scanning of product labels, which displays all of the product's details immediately after scanning. Also, they now have access to the history of which user placed which product on which shelf or pallet at their fingertips.

The batch select and pack operation can be done quickly and accurately. Even if a product goes missing or is lost, the system correctly identifies and records it in the appropriate places, such as inventory reports, stock valuations, and accounting loss notes. In nutshell, warehouse management has been greatly simplified and deepened.

The new solution also manages re-ordering the stock from sellers. The system provides you with low-quantity products and product analytics such as sales over the previous X days, number of units left in the warehouse, number of reserved units, and so on, based on which forecasting for re-ordering is done and approved by management.

After being purchased from the vendor, the products undergo an evaluation stage. If there are concerns with quantity or quality, the Vendor RMA solution allows the company to select how to handle return transactions. If quality or quantity issues are found while unloading the products, a Vendor RMA is produced. Return or exchange criteria, such as dealing with defective products or returning an excess quantity of products and how to adjust the amount, must be indicated in the RMA.

Impacts of ERP Integration
The integrated system's main benefit is that all of the redefined processes now save time and require far less manual work than they did previously. Suggestions for various warehouse tasks include cart suggestions based on order size, product pickup process suggestions, packing box suggestions, product put-away process suggestions, and replenishment process suggestions. Odoo's advanced features comprehensively have made the order fulfillment process precise & accelerated along-with automation.

Operational expenditures, handling, and personnel costs are drastically lowered with a business solution streamlining warehouse processes. Warehouse digitization optimizes the use of warehouse space and related resources. The products are now strategically positioned on the racks and shelves for simple picking. Warehouse employees' productivity has increased as they have become more focused on their real-performing activities.

Due to the system's track record, inventory data analysis and stock valuation has been much-simplified. As a result, there is better inventory control, fewer stock-outs, and less inventory loss.

About Emipro:
Emipro is a leading Odoo Gold partner solution provider who excels in digitalizing, streamlining & automizing businesses in the ERP domain. Emipro provides end-to-end Odoo implementation services globally that mainly cover Odoo ERP consultancy, Odoo implementation, Odoo eCommerce development, Odoo maintenance to shape a flawless, optimal, and robust business management experience for its customers.

The company has advanced proficiencies in identifying and solving customers' ERP problems and building a resilient ERP system to let the customer enjoy organized business operations.

Learn more at: https://www.emiprotechnologies.com 

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