Strata shoots to the moon and back with Odoo!

Company Name: Strata Manufacturing PJSC 

Country: UAE 

Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing   

Partner name: Ever Business Solutions 

Main Apps implemented: Expenses, Invoicing, Project, Website, Documents, Studio, Leaves/Time Off, Recruitment, Employee Referral, Timesheet, Appraisal, Helpdesk, Approvals, Planning, eLearning

Company Size: 1000 

Number of Users: 650 

Implementation Timeline: 1 Year 

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Leen Suleiman 

The Star!


Strata Manufacturing is a composite aerostructures manufacturing facility in the heart of Nibras Al Ain Aerospace, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. The company was established in 2009, with production beginning in 2010. Strata has partnerships with the world's leading aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, and Leonardo-Finmeccanica Aerostructures Division, as well as a Tier one supplier to Pilatus, SAAB, and SABCA.


The Obstacle 


With security being a dominating requirement, Strata needed to ensure they had a successful ERP without compromising data security. A second target was to fully transition to an Odoo HR system that will integrate with their other functions. Looking toward the detailed requirements, Strata needed operations such as managing the recruitment process from start to finish, managing bonuses and performance cycles with the ability to view the reports in an organized manner. Due to the massive network that Strata spans, they require a detailed approach to managing resources with major and minor needs that would streamline the operation. Functions like; managing employees' performance action history, handling transfer requests, business card requests, and organizing business trip request letters with an approval flow.


The Solution


  • Phase 1

In a unified effort to have a frictionless implementation, the longstanding partnership between Ever Business Solutions and Odoo allowed the project to be broken down into 2 phases. Phase 1 covers the scope of fully migrating from the legacy system, training and coaching the uses of Odoo, implementing a bonus and promotion scheme, and in parallel, running the development and customizations needed to house the desired functions. The estimated time to go live was five months. 


  • Phase 2 

Once the implementation of the first phase was in full effect, the second phase would be active and ready to go. Phase 2 was the chapter that would seal the project off. Implementing and training the final set of applications paired with the tailored UAE payroll requirements, this phase ensured that all apps and processes were running up to code. Laying the cherry on top, the final developments were set into place with a touch of expense and time off management to wrap the project up in an all-in-one solution!   




As all projects go, be it a successful one or a work in progress, the maintenance never stops, with functions stretching to the moon and back (literally) Strata is one of Odoo's most unique and diversified clients. With a transparent relationship between client, partner, and mother company, we always strive to keep up with our ever-growing clients and their needs!

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