One day as an Account Manager in Direct Sales
Meet Alexane!

Meet Alexane, Account Manager in our Direct Sales Department. Working with SMEs is an exciting challenge. You revolutionize the way their business works! Want to be in Alexane’s skin for a day?  Have a look at a typical day for her. 


" I arrive at the office, drop my stuff and make me a coffee. I turn on my laptop while listening to Cynthia telling me about her holidays in Morocco. And my day can start! I throw an eye to my emails and my daily agenda. " 


" Quick meeting with my team to start the week off right. Our teamleader announces us the last news and the last objectives. " 


 " It’s time to start the meetings of the day with a contract renewal. My role as an Account Manager is to advise my customers as well as possible and to offer them all their options. I know the customer of today pretty well. He has been using Odoo for 5 years but has never wanted to subscribe for more than a year. The daily challenge will be to convince him to subscribe for 3 years. " 


" Before lunch I like to call my other customers to do the follow-up on their projects. As an Account Manager I manage more than 150 customers in Europe and Africa. My calls allow me to hear from them and discuss with them to build a trustful relationship. " 


" It’s already noon. I can’t wait to know the menu of the day because I’m starving. Today Chef Jacques pleased us with a greek mezze. We enjoy the lunch on the rooftop to take the sun and debrief everyone’s weekend. Charlotte and Ysaline rather enjoy the sport room to shape their summer body. " 


" The afternoon starts with a call with a consultant to discuss the progress of a project we have in common. A large part of the job in direct sales is to be in contact with many colleagues from different departments in order to carry out all of our projects.


" Patricia from the upgrade team has just informed me that my biggest customer finally managed to switch on the version 15 of Odoo. It will allow me to offer him demonstrations on all the new features that Odoo has developed. "


" I have a video call with a famous car company from Germany. The customer wanted to know more about our different Human Resources modules. My job is to provide a  great demonstration of Odoo and show the different functionalities that the product offers. If the client is satisfied, he might add all the employees on his contract. In order to prepare myself as best as I can, I asked my colleague Robin for some help to be able to show some nice functionalities. We call it the "wow effect". " 


" Good news! I just got a confirmation email from my morning customer. He is subscribing for 3 years! I get up and ring the bell to announce to my colleagues I had just sold a deal. Everyone applauds. " 


" End of a busy day. We pack all our stuff before going to relax with a beer on the rooftop. " 

           Some facts about the Direct Sales                               Department

Team size

28 employees


    16 girls / 12 boys

Nationalities mix

25 belgians / 1 dutch                                     1 italian / 1 spanish

Average age

26 years old