Odoo steps in with The Modern Time Machine

Company Name: The Modern Time Machine for Import & Export LLC

Country: Jordan

Industry: Import & Wholesale Distribution/Entertainment, Technology, & Lifestyle

Partner nameSmart Way Business Solutions

Main Apps implemented: Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, Invoicing

Number of Odoo Users: 3

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Samer Al Tall (saat) 

The Star!

The company humbly started with the distribution of a single brand working on a small retail level and climbing the industry's ever-growing ladder. TMTM began diversifying the services and products offered to compete with dominating giants; they got pretty good at challenging the sector that they had created a new standard for themselves and now are one of the top distributors in the region. Offering products such as Smart lighting, Small kitchen appliances, Smart Bluetooth Speakers, popular culture merchandise and accessories.

Main challenges before Odoo

The biggest challenge they had been facing was managing the supply chain for large numbers of SKUs and tracking inventory efficiently.

The lack of proper software in place caused mismanagement with internal data and required hours in rechecks and going over past orders to manage future ones and keep accurate level stock based on previous billings. Moreover, they had been spending significant time on data management as the legacy system was proving near impossible to gather precise data for the overall performance of each SKU/Brand.

The new solution, Odoo

 taking on a healthy suite of applications such as Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, and Invoicing allowed TMTM to focus on integral parts of the business that would enable them to gain stronger footholds in the market and continuously expand. Since inventory management had been a significant issue in the past. With Odoo, they had finally gained the ability to not only track and manage their rapidly shifting stock numbers but also to automate the process of fast-moving goods that needed to have stock on hand at all times. Regarding the Sales, Invoicing, and Purchase apps, they all culminated in creating a centralized data model that decreased the time required for internal processes and improved workflow significantly. Further enabling TMTMs growth and skyrocketing their productivity.

Facts and Figures!


When we asked the Co-Founder, Zakaria Al-Hakeem, if he could share a few words on Odoo, he declared, "Undoubtedly, Odoo is the optimum kick-start for an ambitious entrepreneur!"

Odoo & Itransition Deliver BPM Solutions for Maxmed Healthcare