Net dot Net - Odoo dot Com


Company NameNet dot Net

Country: Egypt 

Industry: Technology   

Partner name: Mahmoud Naguib 

Main Apps implemented: Sales, Invoicing, CRM, Inventory, Field Service, Project, Leaves/Time Off, Timesheet, Expenses, Purchase, Accounting, Helpdesk, Website, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Social Marketing.

Number of Users: 15 

Implementation Timeline:  6 months  

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Hossam Ibrahim




Many companies worldwide have transitioned to digital and IT service management from relying on paper-based documents, but others haven't. They are mainly concerned with the disruption it may cause or, in many cases, are unaware of the process or benefit of how it can help them.

The network drives business performance in the digital world, and Net dot Net excels at this!

Net dot Net serves a wide range of customers, from SMEs to larger conglomerates, with an extensive portfolio of service solutions designed to meet each market segment's needs and satisfy endless growth!


Like most companies at the time, Net dot Net was on a paper-based manual system, which caused an ironic contradiction since they were heading into the digital world and moving fast. Realized they needed to digitalize and get up to speed so they could focus all efforts on equipping their clients with the digital hardware to help streamline their processes and growth. They decided to incorporate Odoo with their core functions and adopt a new work method.


When we reached out to Net dot Net to shed some light on their experience with us, they responded with a breakdown of each application and its benefits to the business.


Consolidation:  Data is being controlled in a central place, not segregated folders and sheets that would need constant tracking to access any information.


Reachability: The ability to access Odoo from anywhere allowed them to work from anywhere. Red tape delays have seamlessly been eliminated as the approval process has been shortcutted because they no longer have to be present in the office to approve certain documents or view invoices for approvals.


Inventory: As a company that primarily functions with its inventory. Warehouse and inventory management are essential; now, they can get weekly updates and daily traceability of the products. Paired with the ability to track the amount sold with current stock on hand and translate all the values directly into sales and purchase orders. According to business partners Wael and Naglaa, "This took hours on average, and now it's happening within a click of a button." Moreover, their reports now show that previous inventory reports used to take up to one week, compared to their current report time of 2 hours. 


Sales and Purchases: As sales and purchasing are directly reflected within the inventory, accounting apps allow them to keep an accurate log of previous transactions and provide accurate forecasts for future sales and transactions. 

Furthermore, the accounting reports that consolidate all companies' profit and loss, expenses, financial statements, and reports help them make future financial decisions. 


Reporting: Going back to business partners Wael and Naglaa, "The report generation is currently 80% to 90% faster than before. Generating a report used to take us up to one week to gather data and consolidate them in one excel file." 


With many factors playing a hand in how businesses function in this day and age, delegating tasks to an automated system allows the space for creativity and innovation within a business. Net dot Net took a leap of faith with their complete transition to Odoo, and it paid off! just as their customers trusted them to provide top-of-the-line services, they trusted us, and we have been in a harmonious collaboration for the last 3 years, and counting!

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