NassTel calls in support from Odoo

Company Name: NassTel

Country: Iraq

Industry: Telecommunications

Partner name: EJAF Technology

Main Apps implemented/used: Maintenance and Inventory

Number of Odoo Users: 90

Customer Success Manager: Yara Maswadah (yama)

The Star!

Nasstel was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Kavin Group. Nasstel Telecom Services & Solutions is one of the region's fastest-growing companies in the telecom service section. They lead in business support telecom providing systems with head office in Duhok, and locations all over the country. They also have state-of-the-art integrated telecommunications solutions and automated business processes with several mediums such as voice, video and data.

Challenges Faced 

The main challenge they seemed to face constantly was the scattered data that did not allow them to accurately allocate the right place for employees to enter their data and track their progress and productivity.

Employees had been putting in a lot of effort to submit their day-to-day activity; however, due to the disorganized isolated system, they were not recognized for the actual amount being entered. This caused issues when tabulating the data to generate final reports for analysis. 

The Solution

An initial step into the Odooverse started with maintenance and inventory applications. They needed to take hold of the channels that were scattered; as the need for data accuracy and clarity arose, the company became hyperaware that they needed to be able to track the raw materials and see how each cluster was being allocated within the optimized system. Moreover, as they began to expand within the industry, they became more conscious about reports and how they could effectively use them to start planning and forecasting and make beneficial decisions that would further feed into their growth.

The Result

To unveil the mirage that is blog writing, we would like to directly take an extract from the company's internal reports, the proverbial "straight from the horse's mouth" thing. 

"Odoo system seems to increase and improve interaction internally between employees and customers. If your customers can also communicate more efficiently with the internal teams - the availability of real-time company information to different groups within the company allows for faster response times and a streamlined workflow - this led to team performance increase by 93% and materials purchasing decrease by 60%." - Mr. Abbas, IT Director.

Long live the Odoo-Idealis partnership