King's Coffee brews passion with Odoo

Company NameKings Coffee

Country: Kuwait 

Industry: Brewery & distribution 

Implementing PartnerPlennix Technologies

Main Apps implemented: Purchase, Point of Sale, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Website and Studio

Odoo Users: 20

Customer Success Manager: Yousef Abusaker

The Star!

Kings coffee is a family-based business that was founded in 1983. It started as a small coffee roastery located off-street that became the seed of what's considered the number one coffee roastery in Kuwait.

The need for an ERP stems from the pain of having to analyze massive amounts of data collected from their stores in order to determine which stores are performing well and which require improvement.

These sales and financial reports used to take a lot of time from the finance team, which could be spent on improving and growing the business rather than doing these reports.

In addition to managing the coffee bean inventory, they purchase raw green beans from India and roast/ground them into packages that will be distributed to nearly 30 shops throughout Kuwait.

As one of the market's leading roasteries, tracking and improving consumer behavior and journeys was critical, as the customer lacked a proper database to track its customer list.

Kings Coffee implemented a marketing solution integrated with Whatsapp for business, as well as customer points (coupons and vouchers), which assisted Kings Coffee in capturing their list of consumers and sending tailored promotions to them.

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