Hair Hunter's Hunt with Odoo

Company NameHair Hunter Gents Salon

Country: UAE & Lebanon 

Industry: Hairdressing Sector

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, IoT Box Subscription, Invoicing, Inventory, Purchase

Number of Odoo Users: 3

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Raina Alrawanduzy (ral)

The Star!

Traveling from Beirut to Dubai, Hair Hunter created the space to have the opportunity to find their true selves in one destination. From their barbers' diverse styles and personalities, Hair Hunter is a place where the music is worth turning up and where everyone can proudly let their individuality shine. Hair Hunters blend in premium service with the new style appeal of experienced and talented staff to ensure guests an experience as unique and authentic as the people who fill the shop.

A unique and ambitious brand like Hair Hunter creates an internal culture of self-connection and being true to your character, which has made them successful in their endeavours. When a business can focus all efforts on core functions, it allows everyone from entry-level to the founder to embrace the culture they have created and hone the features that are character based and that lead to the expansion of the business. That's Odoo's goal, to help manage and streamline all the functions of a business so that the company can do what they do best and not worry about the rest. 

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