Distributed by Thimar Al Jazirah, Powered by Odoo

Company Name: Thimar Al Jazirah

Country: KSA 

Industry: Medical Distribution   

Partner name: Unified Solutions Platform

Main Apps implemented: Sales, Expenses, Purchase, Invoicing, Inventory, Accounting, CRM, Documents, Recruitment, Appraisal, Helpdesk, Leaves/Time Off

Number of Odoo Users: 171 

Implementation Timeline: 3 Months 

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Leen Suleiman  

Established in the heart of Saudi Arabia in 1980, Thimar Al Jazirah (TAC) is one of the leading healthcare distributors in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Dental industries. Working with global partners to provide top quality in all aspects of the business, TAC has strategically selected international partners to achieve their primary objective.

TAC has particular areas of focus within the healthcare market, including Dental, Cardiac, Respiratory, Healthcare Supplies, Clinical Solutions, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory, and Nutrition. 

Operating at such. Grad scale within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, TAC has faced many obstacles regarding its operational functions; software can be the make or break for a company's functional output. TAC had been dealing with many of these obstacles as they had a massive database that was physically stored in-house within their internal servers. This led to an enormous overhead cost, including electricity as well as storage space, and constant upkeep maintenance. Moreover, they were challenged by using multiple software to run different aspects, such as Microsoft Dynamics and a local HR system. While searching for a comprehensive ERP system, they noticed that the current software was too complex and did not allow for agility and adaptation as the company grew. 

Fast forward to the discovery of Odoo, TAC had seen that the agility and ease of use with Odoo allowed them to conduct their operations at a more efficient speed while bringing in the benefits of having a cloud-based system with no compromise in security that contained all core business functions. This meant that they did not suffer from the internal servers' massive space and maintenance costs. On a financial level, they have saved over 400,000 SAR (approx 106,636 USD) annually on server room costs and segregated software to run different applications. They now had one central system that was easy to use and could grow with them at their own pace and direction. 

With a staggering amount of products, TAC was able to streamline and track the process of keeping inventory of over 9000 products. With a previous average of 60 days to close the fiscal year, it now takes them approximately 15 days, allowing them to have thorough financial reviews eliminating any discrepancies in companies of such size.  

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