CRA Revolutionizes with Odoo

Company Name: CRA Trading LLC 

Country: UAE

Industry: Industrial Materials 

Main Apps implemented: Invoicing, Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Leaves/Time Off.

Company Size: 30                              

Number of Users: 8

Implementation Timeline: 7 Months.                                                                        

Partner name: TechUltra Solutions Pvt. Ltd                                                                     

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Parth Daraji

About CRA

In the last 15 years of operation, CRA has focused on providing the highest quality materials the industry has to offer and in doing so has expanded the family-owned business into an exponential growth that has led them to rightfully secure a position amongst the top 10 organizations in their industry within the competitive market of the Middle East.

Noticing the gap in the market, CRA pounced on the opportunity to resolve an issue that had been increasingly damaging to the industry. By analyzing the rapid growth in the Middle East, CRA aimed to become an emergency supplier to projects across the MENA region. Catering to the Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Petrochemical, Marine Engineering, Electromechanical, and Skid Fabrication industries.

The Obstacle & Solution 

As a rapidly growing business, they faced many issues with the technology associated with the industry, limited to accessing the local system only once they were on the physical grounds of the company caused restrictions in management and tracking operations that was essential to running the business as efficiently as the standard they set for themselves.

Working with both international and national clients meant that they needed to find a swift resolution to the technological limitations at the time, Divesh Gidwani assuming the title of Business Development Director, took on the responsibility for expanding all aspects of the business operation and as a byproduct of that had found Odoo to be the ideal operating system to bridge that gap they were facing, alongside his father Ashok Gidwani, the Managing Director. The dynamic duo aimed to find a system that can keep up with the professional standard they had set upon themselves.

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