Chickadee Learn and Play with Odoo

Company Name: Chickadee Learn and Play

Location: Saudi Arabia

Industry: Education

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Sary Barbar

Main Apps implemented: Invoicing, Sales, Studio, Accounting, Leaves/Time Off.

Number of Odoo users: 2

The Star!

Chickadee is a charming environment where children learn to understand how to self-develop emotional and motor skills, better learn about their feelings, kindness, and respect for one another and have the opportunity to develop holistically and academically. Working to create a place with a great emphasis on individuality, creativity, self-expression, and child-led learning.

Chickadee believes in the importance of laying the foundations for good manners, cultural diversity, Islamic values and knowledge.

Pre Odoo

They needed a school management system that is modifiable mainly to track child/parent details and send reminders via email. New businesses started recently wants a proper system from the start to help management and growth. One of the main points they struggled with was that they went 3 to 4 months during the launch in summer with no data at all. This caused a massive backlog of new data entries once they began to start keeping track, this caused a delay and many hours spent uploading.


Learning and growing with Odoo

The main focus is on tracking the customers' details and their students. As Odoo has an embedded payroll function, they can now streamline and track employee data as well. Paired with the leave management app, they now have an automated trackable procedure that makes the school function flawlessly.   

The employees don't work altogether, so communication had been done offline and was segregated previously. Since Odoo has multiple means of communication within the software, the employees and teams can use anything from the Discuss app, which comes standard with any subscription. Within the app, there is a free video calling setting as well as a text-based feature to chat, simplifying the communication process. 

As per the company, The most essential features are managing the payroll, operating stock and opening invoices, and getting ageing reports for their suppliers. A crucial element that became a critical factor in joining Odoos network was that they needed a cloud-based system that could store massive amounts of data on secure private networks. Now lifting the barriers of on-premise work, they could access the system anytime and anywhere, allowing them to deal with matters even if they are abroad.

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