Becoming an Odoo-er

At Odoo, we hire great people to help us innovate and grow. We proudly develop software that helps companies transform how they run their businesses, but simply delivering a great product isn’t enough.

We attribute our success to our employees - Odoo-ers that create a culture of learning, acceptance, and collaboration, with the freedom to be your full self at work. 

Our Culture 

We value autonomy because we want our employees to feel comfortable enough to create, learn, and feel ownership at work. We believe it’s okay to fail, as long as you try, learn, and evolve. We’ll give you real responsibilities, and trust you to handle them as soon as you start. 
We value open communication between all Odoo-ers, so you’re free to discuss ideas, suggestions, and criticisms to come to the best solution. If you truly believe in something, pitch your ideas! All doors are open, from your colleague, your team leader or the CEO, we’ll listen.

At Odoo, we want you to do your best work, grow (as an employee and a human), make connections, and have fun.


Regardless of your position, you can rest assured that you will join a great team, packed with brilliant, collaborative colleagues in a friendly, open environment.

While other companies force their employees to work rigid hours with incompatible platforms, Odoo takes the opposite approach. We never force you to work with frustrating, unreliable tools, and we use Odoo itself for project management, sales, HR, marketing and more. The benefits of working at Odoo don’t stop there.

In addition to competitive compensations, extensive health benefits, and daily chef-prepared meals, several activities are organized throughout the year for Odoo-ers to enjoy! Things like team building events, monthly “Happy Hour” get-togethers, and so much more.

Flexible Work Hours 

We know Odoo-ers have many different roles and responsibilities outside of work. We want you to work hard, and accomplish your goals, without sacrificing the balance it takes to create a “happy human.”

That’s why we offer flexible working hours. We believe this helps create an optimal working environment - one that will not only keep you productive, but genuinely happy, as well.

Office Transfers

At Odoo, we don’t want to lose great employees because they express interest in another department (or office location). If you want to explore new opportunities within the company, we’ll support you 100%.

We offer a unique “Exchange Program,” where you can apply to work at any other Odoo office in the world (and there are plenty to choose from). If accepted, we’ll help you with your transition every step of the way.

Company Growth 

The evolution of Odoo has been nothing short of impressive. After launching in 2005 (known then as TinyERP), the company quickly jumped from 1 to 250 employees in just a few short years!

Since then, Odoo has seen a consistent growth rate of more than 60% year over year.

At Odoo, we know such an accomplishment was only possible thanks to the hard work, expertise, and relentless effort of our amazing employees.

That’s why we want you to join us. Check out our job openings at!  

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