AquaNile swims upstream with Odoo

Company name: Aquanile Chemical Industries

Country: Egypt

Industry: Chemicals Manufacturing

Partner: Bitsera Solutions

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Hossam Ibrahim

Main Apps implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Invoicing, 

Number of Odoo Users: 7

The Star

AquaNile was established in 2002 as a distributor for many international companies specializing in water treatment chemicals and desalination equipment.

The company is located in Sadat industrial city, Monufia Governorate, Egypt. The team believes that high-quality products are dependent on the manufacturing process and technology. That's why ANCI guarantees the use of highly specialized personnel, high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies.

The Obstacles

Before Odoo, AquaNile's team worked on Excel sheets and Google spreadsheets. As the company started to grow, the operations were vast in function and rapidly outgrew sheets and Excel. An example given was that accessing any data would involve contacting a whole team and having days to retrieve all checks, inspect the payable and receivable, and trace back over 100 sheets to just get a simple report. Conducting simple statistical analysis or fetching financial and inventory reports had begun causing massive overdrafts in manhours to gather simple data.

The Solution

Once they migrated to Odoo, all data was open to access with no delay. They modified who can access and control specific data fields and reports with few access rights.

Upper management wanted to have a system that could match the company's multi-channel growth and adapt to the style they conducted business in.

Why Odoo?

Their main concern was to have a solution that manages their business simultaneously, and since they were cutting costs, this solution should be economical to fit their budget. With Odoo, they saw the Cost and Value proposition! One fact they mentioned was that they were delighted with the payment terms Odoo was providing.

Whether monthly, yearly, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, they were content that they could pay for the solution monthly till they could expand and invest into a more permanent commitment with Odoo.

The Aftermath 

Sales, Purchase and Inventory 

AquaNile's business depends heavily on the sales cycle and has an interconnected process between all the operations which is of the utmost importance. Being integrated saves a lot of crucial time. Tracking Inventory and generating valuation forecasts allowed the business to focus on growing the operation. In addition, they can now send auto follow-ups on quotations from sales orders and seamlessly follow up on vendors. In terms of Inventory, they can finally have complete visibility on transfers with all corresponding dates, making tracking easy. And most importantly, the reports generated in the Inventory can give a briefing based on the selected filters.


Accounting App helped the company to track the payables and receivables and have a transparent balance sheet and P&L that can be generated quickly. When asked, upper management considered Accounting to be the primary and most important feature as they needed to generate between 3 to 6 reports per month. And with Odoo, they can do it daily without waiting for any user input or error in entries, as everything is already validated.


When we asked the BDM Mohamed Refaat, how has Odoo impacted the business, he said: "We have recorded a 180% change in processing time in data generation."

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