AQUA Group dives in with Odoo

Company name: AQUA International for Food Industries

Country: Cairo / Egypt

Industry: Food Trading 

Partner name: Archer Solutions

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Yasmine Hamdy 

Main Apps implemented/used: Accounting, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Maintenance, Quality, PLM, Studio, Invoicing.

Number of employees: 100

Number of Odoo Users: 30

The Star 

AQUA International for Food Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fish feeds in Africa and the MENA region. Their feeds are specially formulated with advanced technologies using production lines with an annual capacity of 80,000 tones, providing a broad spectrum of nutrients needed from Fry to Adult.

The Challenges  

Prior to Odoo, Aqua had been using manual data entry and tracking, with the extent of the digitalization being Excel. Due to the reliance on manual entry, Aqua faced many unnecessary obstacles that hindered its rapid growth. The time spent on tracking their comprehensive inventory caused a two-prong delay. One issue was the sheer time of uploading data of that magnitude did not allow them to utilize the available resources. Two, the natural factor of human errors was eventually building up and needed to be rectified constantly. This eventually caused enough disturbance for Aqua to begin their search for automated software to eliminate the current and future issues as well as scale up the business as it was aiming to grow and needed that system to keep up with it. 

The Arsenal

Aqua began equipping itself with the best tools possible to start its digitalization journey. The core applications they armed the company with began with finance; the essential element to successfully conducting business is monitoring and tracking all transactions going in and out of the company. Not only did they need to have a clear-cut ability to summarize reports and work on their forecasting to regulate and plan for coming quarters but to also comply with new government regulations that were coming into play. Requirements such as digital documentation and electronic invoicing were strictly required and, therefore, a "2 birds 1 stone" situation for Aqua, streamlining their operation and cooperating with national standards.

The Impact 

When asked how has Odoo impacted the day-to-day functions of the business COO, Ahmed Mosaad said that

"Odoo helped us trace all costs and generate fast and accurate reports. We managed accounting tasks on our sister companies with only one accountant, while before Odoo, we used three separate accountants".

Furthermore, he noted that due to the massive operation of their business cycle, the upkeep and hours that went into the manual entry of data and processes caused the employees to be demotivated by the grueling hours it took for simple entries. 

Odoo's goal has always been to provide the highest quality software that encompasses all needs a business could ever want while making it user-centric. The ease of use with Odoo is based on the fact that companies can install and use applications on the same day without excessive training and workshops courses to understand how to use the applications and apply them to each unique business function.

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