AJ-Air: Accelerating Company Growth with Odoo

Company: AJ-Air
Location: Belgium
Industry: Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Partner name: Nalios
Main Apps Implemented: Sales, Website, Rental, Purchase, Planning, Inventory, Accounting, Project, Timesheet, FieldService, Employees
Company Size: 15
Number of users: 10
Hosting type: Online


AJ-Air is a specialist in air quality and treatment. The company sells, studies, installs, maintains and provides advice relating to air treatment. Prior to using Odoo, the company was going through digital transformation in a few areas of the business and then decided they wanted to automate daily operations, facilitate invoicing and data processing. Working in collaboration with Nalios, the company’s Odoo solution was implemented in March 2020 during the first lockdown. Thanks to Odoo, the company has been able to accelerate the growth of the company whilst keeping a clear and serene mind.

Key challenges and requirements

Founded in 2015, AJ-Air is a family-owned company that specializes in air quality and treatment. They provide services in installation, sales and rental (B2B and B2C) and post sales service. The air quality company strives to provide excellent tailor made solutions to their customers. 

AJ-Air was on a path towards digitalization prior to searching for a new software system. The company had begun equipping each of their technicians with laptops and then transitioned to tablets. The transition came about because the tablets enabled the technicians to process information at a quicker rate and produce intervention reports more easily whilst on the field. For the day to day operation of the company, AJ-Air was using Microsoft Office suite and Winbooks for accounting. For analysis and data, various personalized Excel spreadsheets were used.

When the company saw how equipping the technicians with portable tech enhanced their performance, they decided it was time to make changes to the company’s daily processes. AJ-Air wanted to automate their daily operations, facilitate invoicing and data processing and have sufficient financial analysis. At first the company tried to achieve this with their existing tools but this proved to be very complicated so they decided to look for a new software system. Thanks to the billboards and Odoo cars all over Belgium, AJ-Air already had in mind an ERP solution they wanted to try. They undertook a free trial of Odoo Sales and experienced a quick and easy implementation. Satisfied with the features and experience with Odoo Sales, the company began a deep dive into Odoo with webinars, training and meetings with implementation partners. After attending an online demo by Fabien Pinckaers in March 2020, the company was sold on Odoo. They really liked the ease of the software and the possibility to evolve with the product thanks to its modular format. Working in collaboration with Odoo partner Nalios, AJ-Air used the first lockdown period in 2020 to begin their Odoo implementation. 

Solution and Results

The first step of AJ-Air’s implementation began with Odoo Website, Sales and Rental to develop their webshop, digitalize quotes and simplify invoicing. The second stage was the implementation of Odoo Accounting. At first the internal accountant was skeptical about implementing the accounting module however, when they saw how easy it was to learn and use the tool, they became more at ease and more receptive to the software. A feature that they particularly enjoy is the integratedness of Odoo. They don’t have to record Purchases and Invoices and go into the Accounting module to record them as well. All activities occurring in other modules are automatically carried over to the Accounting module. This has really been a time saver for AJ-Air’s accountant.

Following accounting, Odoo Purchase and Inventory was implemented for the management of inventory and to facilitate the tracking of logistics and regular financial analysis. This was the most complex to implement because Odoo Inventory creates a direct link between Sales and Purchasing. Therefore AJ-Air had to globalize services at the level of their flow.

The final stage involved the implementation of Planning, Project, Timesheet, Field Service and Employees. These apps were implemented to allow technicians to directly input their reports into Odoo and further harmonize processes and automate administrative tasks. Currently AJ-Air is in the process of migrating to Odoo 15.

During the start of the implementation process, AJ-Air had the mentality that the IT toll needed to bend to the functioning of the company and its processes. Since progressing in their implementation journey with Odoo, their thinking has evolved. They better understand Odoo and the benefits it can bring. By analyzing the way Odoo standard works instead of trying to change it, they began to find new ways to work and adapt to the software. Ultimately this resulted in simplifying their processes, modifying their offer and rethinking their services, all with the objective of: 

  • Simplification of the products and services offered;
  • Better response to customer demand (increase the customer experience);
  • Increase the user experience;
  • Reduce repetitive and systematic work with low added value.

AJ-Air believe they were able to have these reflections because they’re a small company and therefore flexible enough to adapt and modify its processes. The reflections and modifications to the business have enabled the company to accelerate and grow not just in the short term but also on the long term basis. 

About AJ-Air
AJ-Air is the sale, study, advice, installation and maintenance of all your installations related to air treatment: Heat pumps, air conditioning, ventilation, domestic or swimming pool dehumidification, humidification, heating, air pollution control. AJ-Air is an official partner of ATLANTIC Belgium and performs their after-sales service throughout Belgium. AJ-Air also offers a wide range of high-performance equipment for hire.

About Nalios
Nalios has been created by two former Odoo consultants, representing together more than 11 years of implementations, training, projects, coaching and technical customizations. Thanks to this experience, we build relationships based on excellent services, proximity and trust. Our experts will analyze your processes, find the best approach to make your business evolve. We integrate Odoo for SMEs and larger companies.

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