Tradeline picks success fruits with Odoo

Company Name: Tradeline

Country: Egypt

Industry: Retail

Platform Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, HR, Inventory, POS

Partner name: CENTIONE

Number of Odoo Users: 100

Customer success manager: Mohamed Hafez

The Star!

Tradeline, established in 2007, is one of the first companies to introduce Apple Authorised Resellers to the Egyptian market. Grown over the years, today Tradeline is offering over 2 million customers a variety of services and an outstanding experience in 21 stores. 

Their selection of Apple products is abundant and complete, from hardware to software. Whether the customer wishes to purchase a Mac, upgrade an old iPhone for a new one, attend a workshop or request one-to-one training, Tradeline goes above and beyond in a friendly environment conveniently located nearby.

The before

Rapid growth and success came with many operational challenges. The existing inventory management system couldn't connect all the branches. As a result, each operated independently without access to the other branches' stock. It was impossible to anticipate when the in-demand products would run out, creating a disconnect between knowing what was available and what wasn't. Another limitation was the reflection and tracking of product movement that proved near impossible to manage, further adding to operational lag.  

The root of the issues seemed to stem from the disconnected reports. As management analyzed the company's performance through individual reports from each branch, unnecessary delays and inaccuracies came to play, and they knew it was time for an upgrade.   

Operating with the Lightspeed POS system, the employees benefited from a smooth and easy interface. However, each branch had limited payment terms and restricted view access to its own products. It was impossible to check the available stock for other stores or even reserved quantities. What was supposed to be an excellent solution for speedy growth turned into a nightmare as each store operated according to its own rules and accounting workflow. The lack of synchronization and manual data entry, magnified by the number of transactions each store had to deal with daily, created a disastrous situation.

There were more and more red flags - from the multiple duplications of customer data, missing closed loop cycle for the internal teams to a decreased productivity and inability for any scalability growth - it was time for a change.

Better together

While trying to figure out a suitable ERP system, Tradeline looked at many options. Still, their choice fell on Odoo's ERP system thanks to its efficiency, smooth workflow, and, most importantly, flexibility. Implementing Odoo allowed each department to keep their individual work cycle while using the same system.

Using the Odoo ERP system, a custom module was created allowing each branch to see the stock quantity for individual products in all other branches. Each branch can now sell available stocks on-hand while viewing the total stocks in all other branches. By adding unlimited payment terms in Odoo, Tradeline can now freely assign payment terms for each branch.

Moreover, Odoo's flexibility eased the way for successfully integrating all Tradeline's departments on a single system by preparing training sessions for the employees and providing a set of virtual videos for each department concerning their workflow.

Recently, Tradeline went through a successful integration with the Egyptian e-invoicing system, helping it achieve full automation as per all its needs. Now they can seamlessly keep track of their business and scale faster with Odoo's reports easily generated from the system anytime from anywhere.

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