Top Teh: Running an International Business with Odoo

Company: Top Teh
Location: Slovenia
Industry: Plastic injection machinery and equipment
Partner name: Hermes d.o.o 
Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Project, field service
Company Size: 18
Number of users: 18
Hosting type:


Top Teh is a supplier of technologically advanced plastic injection molding equipment. Following a period of rapid development, the company’s previous ERP system was no longer compatible. They needed a fully operational and integrated system that was going to aid their growth. Working in collaboration with Implementation partner Hermes, Top Teh’s Odoo solution was deployed over a 3 month period. Thanks to Odoo Top Teh now has all their information available within one system, unnecessary search and the associated loss of time has been reduced.

Key challenges and requirements

Top Teh is a supplier of technologically advanced plastic injection molding equipment. In addition to quality equipment, they offer their customers professional support and participate in all phases of planning and installation of machines and lines. They work with 14 suppliers, most of whom come from the EU. Top Teh has its headquarters in Slovenia, and they also have a subsidiary in Serbia, and are planning to expand to Croatia.

Top Teh’s main focus is the sale and supply of equipment and quality production layouts for customers. The rapid development of the company required more operational work, which was no longer compatible with the ERP they were previously using. Bottlenecks began to emerge as they needed a lot of time to search for data, check complaints, orders and monitor after-sales activities. The change in ERP system became necessary as the company needed to improve support for the whole business cycle; from purchasing, through to inventory monitoring, sales and after-sales activities, and in particular, device maintenance.

"We were writing work assignments on paper and stored them in binders, which means that nothing was digitized. In case of errors or complaints, we had to go through various archives to find the right information. Which meant clients were left waiting for a response for a very long time.” -Nataša Černe, Operations manager at Top Teh

In addition to this, the company was growing internationally and thus a greater coordinated action was required. Top Teh had faced challenges in coordinating and comparing business data in Slovenia and Serbia. This was because the two business branches used different solutions that did not allow them to quickly generate reports or prepare consolidated balance sheets.

Solution and Results

When a company decides to change their ERP system, typically they go through a process of researching and comparing what is currently on the market. For Top Teh, this was not the case. Their choice was clear; Odoo. They were introduced to Odoo via their external IT partner, who had been using the solution for some time. The company was enthusiastic about using Odoo as their solution, so they sought more information and connected with Slovenian Odoo partner, Hermes.

Working in collaboration with implementation partner Hermes, Top Teh’s Odoo solution was deployed over a 3 month period. Implementing new system solutions and processes in such a large company isn’t easy and can require a lot more patience and time than initially anticipated. A big priority for Top Teh was to understand the problems that arose so that it could inform their future ways of working, so they made sure to be heavily involved in all aspects of the implementation process.

The introduction of Odoo CRM has improved the transparency of sales activities. The organization of the sales department is more transparent, as the calendar offers insight into employee occupancy and reminders of key tasks. It also allows them to keep track of the reasons why they won or lost business opportunities. Within six months of using the system, Top Teh’s sales team have significantly less administrative work and can be more dedicated to their customers.

When implementing Odoo Accounting, there was a lot of work with copying and editing and data in order to centralize the process. The accounting department wanted to have correct and up to date data on operations in both Slovenia and Serbia. Odoo provides an immediate overview on the state of stocks, assets and employees for both the Slovenia and Serbia offices. Thanks to the centralized data, creating consolidation reports is simple and quick.

An important activity at Top Teh is the service of devices, which must be performed in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer at specific time periods. For the management of this, Top Teh had specific requirements that required a custom module. Implementation partner Hermes developed a new module called Device management. Each device sold gets its own unique number by which it can be tracked. The system collects information about the device for warranty periods, service history, future dates of mandatory service and other interventions that have occurred in the device. Customers also have access to information about their equipment, which further simplifies the communication.

Thanks to Odoo, employees are not burdened with an overwhelming amount of unassigned tasks. Everyone takes care of their own activities and they are available to see or help other employees during their absence. All this allows for a more equal redistribution of responsibilities among employees. Higher efficiency and faster work has also been another result of Top Teh’s Odoo solution. This has been noticed by customers and partners. Customers now have direct access to selected data via the B2B portal and have insights into their order history. They no longer have to rely on Top Teh employees going through various archives to find specific data.

During the implementation process, a key lesson Top Teh learned is that their ability to come up with good solutions for customers is heavily reliant on a good internal system. So going forward the company has decided to commit to continuously building on, improving and optimizing work processes.

In the first six months post go-live, the impact of Top Teh’s Odoo solution has been evident. The company will continue to explore the other modules and features Odoo offers. Looking forward, the company hopes to introduce Odoo Accounting to their subsidiary in Serbia. They are already actively using this module in Slovenia however the goal is to establish a uniform accounting and system of work in accordance with the legislation of each country. This year, Top Teh will open a subsidiary in Croatia. Given the expansions to new countries, this gives Top Teh the opportunity to begin using the consolidation reports solution in Odoo which enables simple and fast preparation of consolidated balance sheets.

About Top Teh
With quality and efficient solutions and expertise, we ensure profitable industrial processes that follow the needs of individual companies, increase their added value and enable technological and business growth. Our range of solutions include; injection molding machines, industrial cooling, plastic processing peripherals and size reduction. We team the best equipment with experts eager to take care of optimizing your plastics processing and provide you with reassuring safety by arranging the best solution. We offer you stability in a world of change.

About Hermes
For more than 30 years, Hermes has been offering customers ERP business support solutions. In 2019, they enriched their offer with the Odoo platform, and in 2020 they also became the Silver Partner of Odoo Slovenia. The recognition that they are doing things right is also proven by the Odoo nomination, for the award of Best Starting Partner 2020 in Europe. Behind all this is a team of motivated and dedicated employees who skillfully and creatively solve user challenges, so today they are trusted by more than 500 companies.

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