Synconics Accelerates PowerQ Powers From Odoo Community to Enterprise

Company: PowerQ
Location: Canada
Industry: Power & Energy
Apps Implemented: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, CRM, Website, eCommerce, Inventory, Purchase, Project, Manufacturing
Odoo Users: 16
Implementation Timeline:  2 Months
Implementation Partner:  Synconics Technologies

PowerQ serves the energy sector, it helps businesses and individuals to adopt the best energy efficiency solutions possible. It has evolved rapidly over 10 years to become one of the most respected energy consultancies.

The company helps its customers to reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint by using various innovative methods and technology. Not only that, PowerQ empowers its customers to embrace a sustainable development lifestyle. Based on high standards, PowerQ has been approved by CSA group, Cleaner and Greener, cETL, Greener Canada, AQME and has been recognized as a company that conducts its activities in an ecologically responsible manner.

Challenges with Odoo v12 community
Power Q was using Odoo v12 community with the above-listed modules. With limited functionality available in the v12 community, the system was customized as per their business processes. However, over customization created multiple traceback errors and it made the system operations were very slow. The time and need of the hour hinted at system optimization. That's when Power Q approached Odoo's sincere partner Synconics technologies for optimizing the setting of different modules, optimizing process flow, updating custom modules, etc.

Suggestions & Solution
Synconics technologies are really good in what they do and they always suggest their clients with honest, transparent, opinions favorable to clients' commercials and business approaches. On analyzing the system, Synconics observed the issues were due to over customization, so instead of optimizing the system, they suggested migrating the system to Odoo v14 enterprise. As if v12 code was to be optimized, it would have taken a long time to analyze, check, rectify and test, with similar time the modules could be migrated to v14. With the migration, Synconics suggested modules optimization and resolving the traceback errors and the bugs observed by the client during system operations in v12.
PowerQ agreed to migrate on v14, but they were more inclined towards community as they were using v12 community edition. Synconics not only suggested enterprise edition but also, the benefits were explained based on practical parameters listed below:

1) As the number of users was only 16, they were suggested with So that management of server administrators can be avoided. Also, it is more secure without worrying about SSH certificate purchase. The auto-update of code with new features is done by Odoo. Thus the client always has an updated robust system.

2) As PowerQ had many customized modules, Synconics mapped the functionality of the customized modules with the standard v14 enterprise functionality, like accounting reports, barcode, mobile app, responsive, etc. v14 enterprise had all the features, except for some tailor-made customized modules. Many customized applications were removed while migrating to v14 and the system load was reduced.

3) For customized tailor-made applications, the code was optimized, the errors, bugs, tracebacks errors were also fixed and the code was lightweight compared to their legacy modules.

4) Comparatively the v14 enterprise is much faster than v12, as the core programming language is changed to a certain extent.

After Effects         
PowerQ now sees fantastic results with the new v14 Enterprise ERP system in comparison to the older v12 community version. A lot of new functionalities are achieved, which were not available in their legacy system.
A new CRM module with advanced features added multiple new business opportunities. The flowing leads are now streamlined with scheduled sales activities like calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations. With real-time reports and flow charts, PowerQ is now making accurate and smarter decisions. They can view all the needed information in just a few clicks.

The v14 sales functionality is more similar to v12. However, the added features of v14, like the online signature, coupons, and promotion helped the company in sales growth. As PowerQ’s most of the businesses are project-based, the online signature makes it easier for them to lock the deal without waiting for a physical signature or approval. On sending the sales quotation to their portal customer, PowerQ can accept and sign with the online signature feature and approve the quotation in a matter of minutes.

The workload of the purchase, warehouse, and the account manager is reduced with the 3-way matching of purchases. It matches the purchase order with the ordered quantity and payment done against the received quantity.

Odoo v14 version provided the functionalities for project planning and project profitability analysis. This helped PowerQ in planning the projects in pipeline, in progress, etc. The project profitability alloweallowed them to scale the profit/lost scenario with the ongoing project. 

(MPS) Master Production Scheduler and Subcontracting feature, these two features are the most crucial functionality for project base manufacturing scenario. With the MPS module, the project planning is streamlined to achieve the target. Subcontracting features helped in outsourcing the manufacturing process and handling of the raw material.            

Odoo v14 EE added more features as compared to v12 CE. Advanced features like Full accounting, On-screen reports, Asset Management, Deferred Revenues Management, Automate Bill Processing, Budget Management, Print Checks, Comprehensive Accounting, allowed company to increase productivity and reduce the need of additional customized modules.

About Synconics Technologies
Certified Odoo partner with more than 13 years of experience in Odoo ERP implementations, Synconics develops innovative products and services that provide total ERP solutions. The company have successfully developed and implemented robust, flexible, scalable ERP products for large enterprises & SME’s in the private and public sectors globally. Among the plethora of services, Synconics offer Odoo set-up, implement, customize tailor made applications, provide functional training, development of eCommerce website, data & module migration, etc.

The company strive to assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions at best affordable and cost-effective manner to ensure the overall total cost is comparatively low.

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