Presien: Constructing AI Safety Systems with Odoo

Name of Company: Presien
Country: Sydney, Australia
Industry: Technology, Industrial AI
The number of Odoo Users:  9 users
Apps implemented: Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales, CRM, Invoicing, Studio
Partner name: Havi Technology
Odoo Account Manager:  Rosie Lai

The Company

Presien was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from Laing O’Rourke, with the mission to free heavy industries - construction, logistics, mining, manufacturing -  from potential accidents and safeguard businesses and their workers. The multi-award-winning company pioneered Blindsight, an AL safety system that helps to stop accidents and automate health and safety reporting, including video. 

Blindsight’s integrated hardware and software solution can be set up on a mobile vehicle, on fixed infrastructure, or split across both. When a person, vehicle, or traffic cone is detected in the designated blindspot, real-time alerts are sent to operators and people around to prevent an accident. These detections, including video before, during, and after the detection, are sent to the cloud in real-time. 

Blindsight is revolutionizing health and safety standards by automating the capture and reporting of near-misses and unsafe behaviors that are rarely captured by manual, and paper-based reporting.

Starting from Ground Zero

Presien previously relied on Laing O’Rourke’s enterprise systems but had to find its own solution as a stand-alone company. The company reviewed several software solutions that handled each of their business needs - CRM, inventory, manufacturing, QA/QC, etc. - but couldn't easily integrate into one seamless solution. They found traditional enterprise ERPs to be costly and time consuming for a startup.

Upon another hardware/software start-up’s recommendation, Presien adopted Odoo to manage its core business operations.

“Odoo stood out to us because it was an integrated solution. We could adopt a cost-effective ERP, not worry about trying to maintain multiple systems, and we could train our team on a single system.”

- Kieran MacKenzie, Co-founder of Presien

Smooth Implementation & Data Migration

Presien wanted Odoo to be the central engine of its system to make its processes as integrated as possible and to optimize time efficiency and data accuracy. The co-founder of the company, Kieran MacKenzie, collaborated with Australian Odoo gold partner Havi Technology to power up a quick-start implementation and went live with Odoo in just two weeks.

“We were pleased with the smooth onboarding process and speed of the implementation. Havi provided us support whenever needed, they are very responsive and transparent in communication.”

- Kieran MacKenzie, Co-founder of Presien

An All-inclusive Solution

Since Odoo is a modular software platform, Presien was able to solve business-specific problems with Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, CRM, Sales and Invoicing apps.

As the Odoo apps are on a single database, Presien found there was minimal manual data entry, no data was lost, and each department got timely and accurate information. Presien was pleased to be able to use an ERP with a small team without having an internal IT or development resource.

And being open-source, Presien could customize its Odoo database to its own requirements at any point.

Purchasing management is a crucial process for Presien, as they it has to frequently procure various types of components to develop and produce their devices. After using Odoo’s Purchase, Inventory, and Invoicing apps, Presien’s purchasing team is able to spend minimal time in administrative tasks such as scanning, recording, and evaluating stock. Everyday tasks are much more efficient as all data is integrated and supplier communciations are automated. 

As a technology manufacturing company, Presien’s operations highly depend on technical and time efficiency. The company’s experience with Odoo has only been improving as processes are even faster and more fluid upon each new software update. It has saved a significant amount of time in its manufacturing processes as all manufacturing orders are systemized in real-time, additional workarounds aren't required anymore and teams are able to communicate easier than ever on a single integrated system.

In the meantime, Presien looks forward to accelerating towards greater heights after the release of Odoo 16 and more to come!

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