Perfect Business, Perfect Solution

Company: Perfect Business

Location: Oman

Industry/Sector: Retail/Wholesale

Main Apps implemented: Purchase, Expenses, Studio, CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Leaves/Time Off, Approvals, Subscription

Odoo Users: 12

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Ahmed Khalil 

The Star!

Perfect business is a healthcare integrated solutions company in Oman. It was founded and started in Oman Medical Market in 2011.

Providing quality business consultations and equipment is the main objective. As exclusive agents of Steris, Swisslog, and Fujifilm, they aim to deliver the highest variation of equipment for their customers with no limitation on variety and quality; they strive to serve the top.


As a business with a catalog of over 4000 products and a contact list of 1000, they attempted to develop a custom system. For several months they faced difficulties as it was not integrated, and each workflow was separate. What they tried to create to streamline the operation was now causing them to add several man-hours in manual entry.

The main issues they faced were managing their contacts with an integrated database and managing their sales cycle linked to the inventory. Before Odoo, they would import each sale into an excel sheet and divide it per salesman, and whenever they ran out of stock, they could not update the stock amount in real-time, which had caused many overlaps and delays in progress.

The Aim

The main feature desired was sending an RFQ to their vendors automatically when the stock dipped under the set value to avoid running out of stock. They also needed the sales module as it was crucial to keep track of the quotations sent to every customer and have an overview of each salesperson's performance. Another point was to generate and organize leads. And assign them to salespeople automatically, as the previous method was constantly causing disagreements internally over how many leads were distributed to each salesperson.

The New Direction

Odoo assisted the business and streamlining its core functions as a fundamental principle for their business's nature. They needed to organise leads effectively between the sales teams and agents within them as the CRM function allows them to distribute and manage opportunities effectively. The teams could better organise and prioritise which deals needed to close first.

As the CRM is integrated within the inventory application, it allowed the sales teams to understand better what equipment was available. Knowing that there is an automatically reorder rule that would trigger once there was a shortage, they could virtually guarantee that they always had a stock of specific products, or at least give a clear timeline on when to expect them to restock allowing them to communicate their sales more transparently and effectively.

Moreover, with clear configurations settings set by management sales things are also able to know the maximum discount they could assign for certain deals and track that within the system itself to calculate the commission and keep track records on which discounts were assigned to which contacts which were all seamlessly integrated as the contacts app is embedded within each and every application. Now, according to the CEO, the rate at which leads have been converted into successful opportunities has gone up by 30%.


Now operating at maximum efficiency due to the core functions of the business now looped in with non-core functions. Such as accounting and HR, which has allowed the company to flourish as management can monitor and optimise each workflow in their respective functions due to the clear visibility and tracking that Odoo provides. At the same time, the warehousing and sales teams can accurately manage communication internally and on the client-facing side, making managerial life easier and allowing the front liners to do what they do best!

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