MovEx Egypt moves up with Odoo

Company name: MovEx Transport and Shipping Company 

Country: Egypt

Industry: Transportation

Partner name: Encopedia

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Approvals, Invoicing, Leaves/Time Off, CRM, Expenses. 

Number of Odoo Users: 40

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Yasmine Hamdi

The Star!

The dawn of a new decade saw the birth of MovEx in 2010. It was started by a team of seasoned transportation and logistics experts with the vision of filling the gap in Egypt regarding transport companies.

The birth of MovEx began with a simple goal - to provide the highest and most reliable service in the region, working in tandem with governmental entities, international organizations, and the private sector. They offer exceptional logistics services like global shipping, global move, distribution, storage & warehousing, removal, packing, and consultation.

The Obstacles

 A company of such size and function brings with it rapidly increasing new requirements and reinforces old functions. Digging deep into the company's functions, we discovered the current issues, which included slow internal communication and structured workflows with no inter-department communication. These issues were causing them to lose out on vital information and be able to track and monitor all departmental aspects. With so many moving components, generating organized and accurate reports became a core requirement as the company grew.

Another huge issue was the resistance to change. It's only natural to want to work the same way, even if it is more time-consuming to perform manually. Because we are habitual beings, it's hard to move on; however, when the management gained foresight of the company's growth, they knew they had to step out of their comfort zone and adapt to the ever-growing requirements. To their luck, they came across Odoo, where the transition is intuitive, and they don't need to worry about easy adoption.

Legacy Systems

Before Odoo, they used a local operating system with an on-premise data hosting solution. The non-core functions like finance and HR were sorely lacking, causing an unnecessary build-up of hours to organize and compile data. Hours spent on manual entry could be better used for the company's core operations.   

The Solution

With flexible modularity, sharing data across functional silos such as customer service, sales, marketing, and business development, integrating the CRM and Accounting system solidified customer satisfaction with quick actions, automated follow-ups, and a smooth budgeting process for future projects and enhanced collaboration.

Via the Finance applications, cutting costs by facilitating the process of billing, cash transactions(in/out), customer collections, and controlling and managing all related expenses allowed them to generate reports to understand their progress.

Within the first year of implementation, the company's revenue increased more than 30% due to tracking and streamlining!


When asked if they could summarise Odoo's impact, three words were used...

Integrity, Efficiency, and Focused. 


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