Gulf Seafood's fresh catch with Odoo

Company Name: Gulf seafood L.L.C.

Country: U.A.E. 

Industry: Manufacturing  


Main Apps implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Accounting, Project, Timesheet, Expenses, Appraisal, Recruitment, Leaves/Time Off, Appointment Scheduling, Documents, eSign, Helpdesk, Purchase, Subscription       

Number of Odoo Users: 34

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Yousef Abusaker

The Star!

As one of the U.A.E.'s leading seafood processing and distribution companies based in Dubai, for the past 3 decades, GSF has been providing the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry (HORECA) with high-quality seafood. Striving for absolute quality, they have built a reputation for our exceptionally high standards of quality and service. With customers ranging from 5 Star Hotels, Fine Dine Restaurants, Flight Kitchens, and Catering Companies.

Pre Odoo

For a historic company aiming to provide top-quality service and products, GSF needed to have a flawless and seamless operation to continue doing what they do best. Fortunately-unfortunately, the company was previously using tally as their operating system. Which led to their main point of concern manifesting itself in the form of a lack of data and information. The most significant obstacle they faced was working to understand where their profit margins were drawn in regard to both customer and product input. Having an interconnected network that could interlink the COGS (cost of goods sold) with the cost of actually producing and procuring them. 

This had played a massive role in understanding how to further expand the business and boost its current operational outcomes. Another factor that GSF had been struggling with was that, at the time, they could not. Track the quantity delivered by route and stock positioning per the warehouse. As an operation as large as there's, understanding what stock was available in each warehouse and how those warehouses were able to communicate through the system was vital to the process.

On the hook with Odoo

Currently, with a full suite of applications, GSF has never been functioning so smoothly. With the CRM, Invoicing, Sales, and Subscription applications all flawlessly being integrated, it allows the sales department to track each and every unique order and accurately manage their pipelines to predict future purchases and manage all corresponding invoices for finance data. 

Applications such as Recruitment, Leaves, and Appraisal, allow the non-core function to work to not hinder the operation that allows them to grow at such a speed. All HR requirements are seamlessly met through an integrated system that allows them to be integrated with the managers and directors who would like visibility on employee data and activity. 

Moreover, with the company heavily invested in distribution, applications such as Projects, Timesheets, Documents, Helpdesk, and e-sign are all vital to streamline and track the operation from A to Z. The ability to keep a strict and consistent routine is key to businesses' growth when it comes to distribution and since GSF has perfected the quality side of the business they would turn efforts to aim toward seamless and consistent operation when it comes to distribution. 

With everything scheduled via Odoo's system, employees would always know how to manage the distribution routes and customers will always be aware of what deliveries are expected in addition to e-sign as the bow on top to wrap it up and make it a frictionless effort to sign off on goods delivered and goods received.


As we asked the Head of Finance, Mr. Abishek Ananth. How would you describe Odoo's impact on businesses trying to grow? 

He responded, "Odoo is the solution for companies looking for a simple, efficient, and cost-effective ERP environment that aids the business in key decision making." 

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