DeltaChem Middle East Achieves High Performance with Odoo

Company name: Delta Chemicals 

Country: Egypt

Industry: Manufacturing

Partner name:  Rightechs Solutions

Odoo account manager: Alhassan Adel 

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing, Sales Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, Purchase, Studio.

Number of Odoo Users: 100

 Implementation Timeline: 4 Months

The Star 

Delta Chemicals specializes in producing specialty fertilizers for fertigation and foliar nutrition. Striving for the highest quality in the industry, they guarantee continual quality improvement and innovative solutions. Furthermore, it assures its technical services and gives a promising growing partnership for prosperity.

The Obstacles 

 As a powerhouse in the industry Delta distributes its products over cities of Egypt; having such a high flux distribution channel can cause many issues and impose many challenges such as:

  • No integration between the different departments (Sales, Stocking and Warehousing, Accounting, and so forth), which takes a lot of time to communicate and get information regarding the complete transaction from storage to delivery.
  • The manufacturing process for specific products is long and complex, so to eliminate slack time or waste points in the process, they needed to track the process through and through, which was missing causing a massive gap in production efficiency. 
  • Essential sales and accounting functions were inaccurately calculated, causing bottlenecks in the financial process, such as commission calculations and expense coverage. 

Customizing For Their Needs

Delta's complex commission rule consumes man-hours to calculate monthly for all sales agents. So Rightechs used Odoo's open-source code to develop a solution based on the Odoo framework to get on commission calculation at any time using one click.

Moreover, stock and inventory control was one of the main points that needed monitoring and controlling. They needed to generate current and past reports to analyze and create statistical projections of their movements to understand performance.

The Solution & Arsenal

One issue that plagued the process occurred when the sales team could not see live stock amounts of the products they were aiming to sell. Now, it is the all-in-one solution; the team can accurately track and monitor the real-time stock amount ignored to finalize the deals. 

Odoo Pricelist feature had decreased the sales team's hours and accounting while creating and reviewing quotation prices.

Quality helps Delta record all quality checks for all MO orders and maintain its quality. 

Purchase App allows Delta to control the purchasing process and its approval cycle via the cloud-based system, as previously, they had dead hours waiting for approvals. In contrast, now, the system instantly notifies the respective manager and can instantly initiate the approval. 

With the Manufacturing App, Delta can now monitor and reduce material wastage to cut massive costs that were otherwise unnecessarily weighing them down.  


Now Delta's top management can monitor, approve, and control all company transactions from anywhere at any time!

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