Cash Solutions Streamline their Services with Odoo

Company Name: Cash Solutions Co. Ltd.
Location: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Industry: Finance
Platform Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Leaves/Time off, Maintenance, Helpdesk, Field Service, Approvals, Website, Project, Rental, Timesheet
Partner name: OdooTec
Company Size: 90+
Implementation time: 8 months

With headquarters in Riyadh – KSA, Cash Solutions are one of the leading providers of end to end cash management with sophisticated tailor-made solutions that cover the entire supply chain for Central & Commercial Banks, CITs, and corporate.

Cash Solutions take the liberty of justifying their name truly! They provide a multitude of solutions to ease the burden of transactions on a daily bases, Cash Solutions provide Automated Products and Services to ensure businesses get the most streamlined operation to focus on what they excel at.

With over 500 installations and a customer retention rate of 94%, Odoo proudly covers the ins and outs of Cash Solutions as both move hand in hand on working towards a smarter, faster, and simpler future!

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