Brand for Pharmaceutical Industries Ropes Its Businesses under Odoo’s Umbrella

Company name: Brand For Pharmaceutical Industries

Country: Egypt

Industry: Pharmaceutical  

Partner name: Semak Business Intelligence 

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Leen Suleiman 

Main Apps implemented: CRM, Sales, Subscription, Website, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Appraisal, Helpdesk, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Leaves/Time Off, Project, Quality PLM, Events, Expenses, Social Marketing, eCommerce, Studio, Maintenance, Approvals, Timesheet, Recruitment, Invoicing, VoIP, Point of Sale, Documents

Number of Odoo Users: 155

The Star 

If we take a look at the holding Group that uses Odoo to rope in all the functions of its businesses under the same umbrella, each of them has a unique function that requires its own approach. First, let's take a look at the Group and its companies.

Semak Holding Group was founded in 2009. The company's line of business includes pharmaceutical industries, hair & skin products manufacturing, and business intelligence. The Group consists of Brand Pharma, Semak Medical and Semak Business Intelligence.

Brand Pharma presents a group of products that benefit hair and skin health and are produced from extractions from the most refined natural oils. The brand provides a unique combination of natural oils that preserve the freshness of hair and skin without adding harmful chemicals.

Semak Medical Industries is involved in importing, exporting, commercial agencies, general supplies, general trade and distribution in particular: human medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and medical supplies. 

Semak Business Intelligence is a specialized Partner for ERP, Mobile AppApps, and CRM implementation. It is a fast-growing IT Consulting and Professional Services company with international reach and high standards of creative and strategic planning.


Before using Odoo, each department was executing its tasks through manual Excel sheets along with endless communication through emails and calls. No dashboards or live report monitoring meant that performance tracking was complicated and inaccurate. The lack of a centralized display of all reports caused needlessly wasted hours compiling and analyzing data.   

In March 2018, the company started using Odoo V10 community covering four modules: sales, purchase, accounting and inventory, with only 5 users. Flash forward to November 2019, it started mapping Odoo V13 Enterprise for the entire suite. Covering complete business cycles (accounting, manufacturing, HR, Helpdesk, Inventory, CRM ... etc.) by January 2020, the number of users increased by a whopping 2900%!

Joining the family 

During the pandemic in 2021, the golden idea to sprout a partnership with Odoo came to fruition. Business Intelligence had exceeded expectations and was performing marvelously as the system presented a huge successful influence on Brand Pharma. After reviewing the successful performance, the company launched the business intelligence unit "Semak Business Intelligence" and became Odoo's gold partner.

The Odoo effect 

Currently, the company can automate the majority of its processes and increase client reach & retention by monitoring the entire customer lifecycle through the system, such as leads, customer acquisition, work orders, complaints, retention, automatic surveys and so forth.

Odoo live reports & centralized dashboards allow upper management to analyze & take the right business decisions accordingly. Each department head can now customize their unique functional reports to monitor performance & enhance the internal business cycle. 

VoIP enhancement allowed the company to monitor customer satisfaction through quality checks and enhanced internal communication as the system has the capability to have immediate responses from each department. Moreover, everyone now can monitor delays & take corrective decisions to enhance performance even further. 


When asked how Odoo impacted the business, we were told that thanks to the software's flexibility and scalability, the size of the holding company has increased by 25%!

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