Bista Solutions Inc. + Odoo = Perfect Partnership

Partner Name: Bista Solutions Inc.
Headquarters: Texas, USA
Other Office Locations: California, Georgia, Las Vegas (USA), Toronto (Canada), Mumbai, Pune (India)
Number of Employees: 250+

Let’s face it, starting a company is extremely difficult.

That’s just a fact.

Sure, we all want our business to grow, become successful, and generate mountains of revenue, but that (as you can imagine) is a lot easier said than done.

Building a business from the ground up takes an immense amount of time, money, determination, diligence, and in most instances, quite a bit of luck - amongst other things. But, above all, it takes passion. If you’re not passionate about your company, your potential customers will pick up on that obvious lack of personal enthusiasm right away, and gladly take their business (and money) elsewhere.

Thus, leaving you (and your company) alone on the path to utter failure and obscurity.

Unfortunately, despite this being common knowledge, it’s not unusual to see companies rapidly fall from grace, due to this lack of necessary passion. This is typically seen with businesses who only decide to “get in the game” for the sole purpose of greedily gathering some financial gain.

However, as we mentioned, if money is your only motivator, and you’re not passionate about your business, the shelf-life of your company will be dramatically diminished, and any hope you had of succeeding in the long term will slowly disintegrate into thin air right before your eyes.

Passion-driven companies are beloved because of how much they care about their work and their customers. Unlike their money-hungry counterparts, these businesses are in it for the right reasons, and they regularly do everything in their power to provide the best products and/or services to their loyal customers. Which, to be honest, is how all companies should operate.

Those passion-related factors, if executed correctly, can elevate a mundane business to astronomical levels of success, respect, and prestige.

Bista Solutions Inc. is one of those prestigious companies, whose surplus of passion, talent, and expertise has catapulted them to sky-high levels of continued success for many years now, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Passion Project

Speaking of “passion,” Shahid Bandarkar and Faisal Basar started Bista Solutions as a passion project back in June of 2007. These two long-time friends have always been well aware of the relatable hardships business owners/managers experience on a daily basis, and they wanted to do their best to smooth out that otherwise “rocky road” with more efficient ways and methods of doing business.

The mission statement of Bista Solutions has never changed. Since their onset, Shahid and Faisal set out to build a business that would bridge the gap between people and technology. Their main goal has always been to deliver a truly amazing user experience, while providing the best software solutions for any company - regardless of size, budget, or industry.

Now, roughly 15 years later, Bista helps companies all around the world reach their optimal business potential, by providing them with the best software solutions on the planet. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, Bista Solutions has proven that passion (not greed) is the best way to create a lasting, successful business.

However, while passion is at the crux of any successful business, it takes a lot more than that to take a business to the next level. It also takes skill, expertise, education, and experience to properly navigate the oft choppy waters of the business world. Fortunately, both of Bista’s founders have an extensive educational background, which really came into play during the creation (and subsequent establishment) of their company.

When you combine Shahid and Faisal’s experiences together, they are an unstoppable force of business brilliance. They have a plethora of knowledge in the following fields: software engineering, software development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, communication, sales, and of course, solution consulting.

The high pedigree of intelligence doesn’t end with the two founders at Bista Solutions. You can spot similar levels of brilliance and expertise throughout their amazing company. Not only are their employees ridiculously talented, and capable of solving any business issue (no matter how unique), they are also more than aware of the overall awesomeness of their company.

Employees are readily sharing their thoughts and feelings about working for Bista Solutions; routinely describing the idyllic work environment to anyone within earshot.

“Bista Solutions is an extremely fast-growing company, and a wonderful place to work! You will definitely meet some of the most talented people here. Since Bista is culturally diversified & highly matrixed, it allows the management team to treat co-workers like actual people; not just employees. Having a presence across the globe with a focus on constant learning, continuous training, company events, opportunity to move somewhere new, and opportunity to meet people from all over the world, Bista Solutions strives to provide an open, flexible, and productive work environment to co-workers to help meet customer deadlines, as well as to out-perform. It really is inspiring to be exposed to the creative and (sometimes) world-changing business our customers do, and run with ERP software implemented by Bista.”
- Mr. Kedar Joshi - Project Delivery Manager

Areas of Expertise

The folks at Bista Solutions have always been dedicated to helping any company achieve optimal efficiency - regardless of their industry.

Their areas of expertise include (but isn’t limited to): manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, auto parts, promotional products, cannabis, arms and ammunition, and so much more.

Bista’s “all-inclusive” methodology is based on being able to help clients across all verticals. While the amazing team at Bista is more versed in certain areas than others, they maintain the ability to help any client with an implementation, software upgrade, or even with some helpful guidance (if necessary).

The Bista Solutions team always stays up-to-date on all industry trends across the board, too. This consistent surveillance of global trends helps them thoroughly understand the requirements (and challenges) of different markets and industries.

Perfect Partnership

Equipped with a limitless supply of passion, and an exorbitant amount of expertise (and experience), Bista Solutions was ready to take on the business world from the very start. During the initial stages of their journey, they realized they needed a quality, one-side solution software; one that could be compatible with all industries.

Early in 2007, the Bista Solutions team encountered a revolutionary software, with a charmingly abrupt name, that instantly stood out amongst the competition.

Odoo, the all-in-one ERP, consolidates, streamlines, automates, and integrates every aspect of a generic business flow - from sales and marketing, to manufacturing and inventory management, to invoicing and accounting, and everything in between!

Not only was Odoo capable of this all-encompassing functionality, but it was abundantly reliable, shockingly affordable, and remarkably flexible with its versatility - which is mostly attributed to the loyal ‘Odoo Community' and its never-ending supply of unique solutions tailored to handle even the most complex business needs.

In short, Odoo was everything Bista Solutions was looking for - and then some….

So, a partnership was formed, and together, Bista Solutions and Odoo have helped countless companies reach their ultimate potential - and maintain high levels of success - through simple implementations, custom automation, and streamlined workflows.

Challenge Accepted

It’s certainly no secret that the growth rate of new businesses has declined in recent years, mostly due to an onslaught of corporatization. It’s astonishing to witness the impact this decline has had on the ability of SMEs (Small and Medium-Size Enterprises) to compete in largely dominated markets.

Bista Solutions has been aware of this trend for quite some time now, but that hasn’t stopped its momentum. Its mission statement has always remained the same: to help companies, of varying sizes, in various industries, reach that “next level” of success.

Some of the challenges faced by SMEs in this tumultuous climate include: a manual entry system, job-centric data access, poor adaptability, data (and operational) management, and offline/batch processing data.

With these “fixable” challenges identified, the Bista Solutions team proceeded to use their illustrious knowledge, experience, expertise, and tools to overcome these unforeseen obstacles. Not only were they routinely victorious over these challenges, but they simultaneously helped these once-struggling companies attain a higher level of success through more efficient business operations.

Bista was able to rectify these various issues with companies, by tackling each of them, one at a time, until an adequate solution was discovered (and implemented).

For example, in order to properly combat a manual entry system, they’d implement the appropriate ERP (Odoo) to help digitize that company’s various business processes.

Doing so not only made data entry abundantly easier, it also centralized their “islands of information,” and provided them with access to real-time data, which allowed the client’s employees to freely access data from anywhere, at any time. With all that in place, companies are finally able to create flexible working centers.

By upgrading a company’s outdated business model in such a way, it allows the client to easily adapt (and grow) alongside any technological changes that may occur in the future. Bista Solutions not only saved these businesses, it improved their internal processes, and prepared them for any unexpected “curveballs” that may be thrown their way moving forward.

Understanding the Process

When working with a new client, regardless of their industry, it’s critically important to conduct a thorough analysis of their specific business needs at the very beginning of the process. With a complete understanding of their client’s detailed pain points, bottlenecks, and roadblocks, the Bista Solutions team is routinely able to successfully complete implementations and projects with the utmost ease and efficiency.

The Bista team utilizes a very thorough process during the analysis of clients.

For starters, each new client is provided with a free consultation. During this consultation, the Bista experts listen to the client’s pain points, and discuss their various needs and requirements, as a company. This is followed up with a free (completely customized) demonstration of how Odoo’s award-winning ERP can benefit their business in different ways.

After that, a series of meetings and calls will take place with the client. These initial meetings help the Bista team gain a better perspective of the current situation, which helps them figure out the appropriate ways to alleviate roadblocks, and optimize their client’s internal business processes.

Then, once the team has all the information they need, and the client is comfortable with the proposed solutions, the Bista experts will conduct an on-site visit to perform a deeper analysis of their business processes, live in-action. This vital step in the process helps the Bista experts better understand the client’s day-to-day operations from a firsthand perspective, and often leads to a more beneficial (realistic) analysis of that client’s internal issues.

Upon completing that on-site analysis visit, a Statement of Work (SOW) is created. This SOW verifies the requirements established by the client (and their needs). The client will review the SOW, and once they confirm the details laid out within it, the implementation will officially begin, and the Bista experts will get to work.

Built for Anything

Being in this line of work, the folks at Bista Solutions have encountered a lot of unique clients, to say the least. While most implementation projects are fairly straightforward, there are, occasionally, a few clients, here and there, that present a more complex challenge for the Bista experts. But, no matter what’s presented to them, these ingenious implementation masters always get the job done.

One such customer was a medical device startup, that enlisted the services of Bista Solutions to help them deal with a laundry list of pain points.

This particular company experienced exponential growth right away, quickly forcing them to migrate away from their “startup-mode” to a more scaled-up version of their internal processes - with most of the focus being on how to quickly scale their manufacturing and distribution network to keep up with the avalanche of demand their were currently experiencing.

The Bista team worked around the clock to help that company transition quickly, providing them with all the necessary tools they needed to successfully meet (and exceed) the constantly-growing expectations of their patients, physicians, and payers.

The innate ability of the agile Bista team to rapidly change the internal mindset of this burgeoning startup was crucial. Without it, the customer would’ve never been able to survive (nor succeed) in that fast-paced environment.

Better than the Rest

Like any other business, Bista Solutions is constantly gauging how they stack up against the competition. And, without fail, they are regularly out-performing their peers by leaps and bounds.

To put things into perspective, the average amount of time needed to complete a single ERP implementation is a little over a year. In comparison, Bista Solutions typically “goes live” within 3-6 months, depending on the scale of the implementation (and overall size of the project).

Also, when it comes to expediting the “go-live” date for a client, the Bista team is always able to deliver.

So, if a client ever wants to “go-live” quicker than usual, the team figures out a realistically achievable timeframe to complete the implementation, and proceeds from there. No matter the deadline, Bista Solutions is always able to get the job done.

For instance, with one client (SuperAsia Foods), the Bista Solutions team was able to perform a successful implementation, and met a “go-live” deadline in a month!


Not only did they complete this detailed project in record time, but they were also able to provide amazing customer support (as needed) after the job was done.

If that’s not the epitome of efficiency, I’m not sure what is.

Benefits of Odoo Partnership

Bista Solutions benefits greatly from being a certified Odoo Gold Partner in a myriad of ways.

Not only does Odoo routinely recognize (and acknowledge) the hard work being done by the Bista team, but they also provide endless growth opportunities, a limitless level of commitment, reliable support, and so much more.

Odoo Partners are able to connect with like-minded individuals and potential prospects on a regular basis. They are also able to promote themselves (and their brands) to eager, attentive audiences during massive annual events like, Odoo Experience. These benefits inevitably lead to further growth in brand equity.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Bista Solutions enjoys being an Odoo Gold Partner because they get to enjoy a new (and improved) version of Odoo’s impeccable management platform every single year. These annual upgrades are easily implemented and utilized by partners and clients, alike.

When asked to share their thoughts about working for such an illustrious company, like Bista Solutions Inc., Mr. Priyesh Solanki (Director of Implementation), had the following sentiment:

“I have been working with Bista Solutions for over seven years. During my journey here, I believe Bista Solutions is a great place to work. Not only has this company provided me with a number of opportunities to excel my knowledge, it has also made me a better contributor to the company's success. The best part of Bista Solutions is having the freedom of taking ownership of your responsibilities. Simply put, while there are guides available, Bista believes in its employees, and as such, lets them do things (meeting requirements and deadlines) the way that best suits them. Which is really empowering, to say the least.”
-Mr. Priyesh Solanki - Director of Implementation

About Bista Solutions Inc.

Bista Solutions is an Odoo Gold Partner in the United States, and was the winner of Odoo Best Partner (North America) in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2021.

Bista Solutions Inc. is a digital transformation firm that helps companies digitize their business processes with enterprise application implementations. Founded in 2007, Bista has implemented software enterprise applications for companies in various verticals, such as manufacturing, retail, auto parts, telecom, promotional products, arms & defense, and cannabis.

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