Al Shurooq builds customer dreams with Odoo

Company Name:  Al Shurooq

Country: Saudi Arabia

Industry: Trading   

Main Apps implemented: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, Studio

Number of Users: 11

Implementation Timeline:  6 months  

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Mira Al Kamand


Al-Shurooq Development Trading is a Saudi company focused on fulfilling project needs of modern premium house furniture, including kitchens, sofas, wardrobes, etc., and office furniture. While projects are a core business to Al-Shurooq, retail showrooms remain a vital part of the business to keep up to date with customers and market ever-changing style trends and needs. 

As part of the Almarhoon group, the company also caters to other housing needs, including civil construction, remote-controlled garage doors and aluminium fabrication. Al-Shurooq is proudly affiliated with several European furniture manufacturers, and its operation emphasizes design, material quality and delivery commitments.

Key challenges and requirements

While keeping up with the interior trends, Al-Shurooq was held back by the legacy system as it began its rapid growth software. The previous system generated very basic reports without being able to answer critical business questions. While covering only the finance side of the business, it had no integration with any other department and was causing unnecessary delays. 

Solution and results

As the business requirements continued to grow, Al-Shurooq decided to implement intuitive, full-featured and tightly integrated software - Odoo. With the Inventory App implementation, the team managed to enhance the control over its growing network and ease the tracking of its complex logistics. With its increasing operation, Al-Shurooq required a detailed approach to its resource management, and Odoo became a perfect choice to facilitate the team's major and minor needs. Having unique and detailed reporting in place allowed the inventory to be monitored and organized optimally.

After adding Sales and Accounting apps, the team finally extracted detailed data for a specific period, filtering it by product, salesperson, etc. Having proper reporting removed the guessing part of the business and helped with time management, as any report can be defined and pulled in a matter of a few minutes. After using Odoo's integrated apps, the team can spend minimal time on administrative tasks such as scanning and recording. Everyday tasks are more efficient as data is seamlessly integrated and all communications are automated. 

Also, Al-Shurooq felt a considerable benefit of having the Studio App as it allows them to modify and add the fields per business requirements and needs. Even for experienced developers, typing out code requires time. Using a user-friendly app like Odoo Studio, the team customized their reports, invoicing and other supporting documents without programming experience or writing any lines of code. 

By implementing Odoo, Al-Shurooq grew its business and improved its customer relationship through contract management. As Al-Shurooq continues to build dream homes for its customers, Odoo strives to support its business seamlessly, flexibly and cost-effectively!

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