Al Anoud Foundation lends a giving hand with Odoo

Company Name: Al-Anoud 

Country: KSA 

Industry: NGO/NPO   

Partner name: ERP Professionals 

Main Apps implemented: Invoicing, Sales,  Accounting, Website,  Project Inventory,  Purchase,  Leaves/Time Off,  Subscription,  Studio,  Helpdesk, eLearning

Number of Users: 103

Implementation Timeline:  6 months  

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Basil Nawash

Al-Anoud is a non-profit organization whose goal is to consistently be a source of empowerment, volunteering work, and inspiration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the added value of becoming a knowledge hub for the non-profit sector. With several divisions stemming into youth development, family and children development, training centers, youth incubators, and many more, it is evident how wide the operations can extend with a foundation as grand as Al Anood.

Previously worked on a hybrid system of segregated ERPs and paper-based systems that caused massive delays in uploading data and monitoring the final reports. It also caused massive delays that led to several manhours needlessly wasted on data entry when it could have been used better as it had intended. Onboarding a huge chunk of Odoo applications, they had set out the intent to bring all operations under one roof. 

Applications from Invoicing and sales to eLearning and Helpdesk. The foundation has placed its trust in us to ensure we provide fully integrated and supported ERP software that will allow them to focus on their beautiful goal of being an integral part of the country's growth.

As covid struck, it caused a massive delay in many aspects of the foundation's efforts to keep up with the high standard they had initially set for themselves. Migrating to Odoo allowed them to pursue their standard concisely. They measured their achievements in terms of social impact: Social return on investment.

For example, when they provide training to a group of volunteers, they add the cost of the training onto the system; however, they measure the social ROI on Odoo as follows rather than cost. Using the number of attendees, test results, feedback, and rating as results on attendees' behavior or jobs allocations earned afterward.

A significant factor in the continued frictionless relationship between the foundation and Odoo is a fact highlighted by the board, noting that the flexibility of Odoo's open-source base and studio app allowed them as a non-profit organization to alter and amend the functionalities to suit their needs.

They noted that simple factors such as the definition between full-time employees and volunteers had not been enabled in the legacy system, causing confusion and errors when compiling HR data and payroll systems. Furthermore, a foundation as diverse as Al Anood needs to have the capability to add in different functions and elements on the go and, according to them, was not a part of the previous legacy systems they had used over the years.

Al Anoud needed stability and flexibility as a fast-growing multifaceted foundation, and they found solace with Odoo. Not only to assist in their evergrowing nature but to keep a sense of agility alive with their dynamic approach to nurturing families and those in need across the country. It feels like an honour to be a part of such a beautiful and helpful ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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