Ajmal Perfumes Enjoys the Sweet Scent of Success with Odoo

Company Name: Ajmal Perfumes
Location: UAE
Industry: Retail (Perfume/Fragrance)
Partner name: Brainvire Infotech Inc.
Main Apps Implemented: Odoo CRM & Odoo POS
Company Size: 800+
Implementation Timeline: 5 Months
Hosting Type: Odoo.sh

Brainvire powers the software ecosystem for Ajmal Perfumes. Brainvire develops an interactive system where SAP ERP, Odoo CRM, and Odoo POS are constantly talking to each other, enabling businesses to scale their sales and marketing better than ever before.

In 1950, the current luxury perfume giant, Ajmal Perfumes, started its journey as a small local manufacturer of Arabic-style perfumes in Assam, India. Shortly thereafter, they expanded to Dubai, where they established their major headquarters.

Ajmal Perfumes flourished in the face of fierce competition, and became a leading perfume manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of oil-based perfumes. Today, Ajmal has 180+ retail outlets, across 6 countries, with 10,000+ employees. Their wide range of products is sold in stores and through eCommerce sites. They manufacture perfumes, by testing different combinations, and sending them to other places within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Ajmal Perfumes uses Odoo POS in every single one of their stores across the globe. Ajmal chose Odoo POS for the seamless experience it creates for in-store customers. It also provides an omnichannel experience for online and offline shoppers, via loyalty programs and unique promotions.

Ajmal Perfumes has typically concentrated on selling to end-consumers (B2C). However, the company is actively expanding its B2B business, and providing an omnichannel experience to its users.

Ajmal Perfumes revamped its software infrastructure to underpin this significant business demand. Through the optimal use of technology, the company enables its distributed workforce to work as one, allowing them to accurately anticipate (and routinely meet) their yearly goals at an impressively rapid pace.

"Ajmal Perfumes wants to change the way they work, and we want to be the partner of choice for reimagining their businesses with robust software," says Chintan Shah, Brainvire CEO.

Searching For Extensible Software Solutions

For the past 27 years, Ajmal Perfumes has relied on Orion for ERP and MRP software, in order to support their manufacturing, accounting, procurement, and sales needs. Things worked out well for a while, but the software’s inability to support more than 500 users created a bottleneck, requiring the team at Ajmal to search for a new, more capable software system.

Meanwhile, Ajmal had a POS system called “3i-infotech,” which was connected to Orion. This helped the Ajmal team power their storefronts. They also used Capillary, mainly as a software solution for retail CRM and loyalty programs.

Brainvire, with its robust SAP ERP/Odoo POS integration, provided Ajmal Perfumes with a vibrant ecosystem, allowing them to achieve extensive digital growth of their retail business. The Brainvire team persuaded Ajmal to combine the Odoo POS software with SAP's ERP, in order to have complete end-to-end control of sales processes and financial results.

Rewiring Software Ecosystems For Better Scalability

"A good software ecosystem is a dynamic, interconnected network that allows a retailer to communicate with its customers securely. When a software ecosystem is integrated, businesses can use new and old technologies to grow their businesses, while also building automated processes around them" - Chintan Shah, Brainvire CEO.

The limitations of Ajmal Perfumes’ existing software required them to integrate new and extensible solutions to create a more capable, seamless work environment.

Energizing Sales Leveraging CRM

Before Brainvire implemented Odoo CRM, Ajmal Perfumes had Capillary CRM and loyalty program management. Capillary is a renowned CRM, utilized by many top-class companies in Asia and the US. For Ajmal, Capillary managed email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, loyalty programs, Marketing Automation, and all their CRM responsibilities.

Ajmal Perfumes required a flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use CRM solution - one that could connect to their primary source of revenue (their stores), via the point-of-sale system (POS). In addition, they needed an automated system to consolidate all operations onto a single platform. This would provide the Ajmal team with useful, real-time data, which in turn, would increase their overall efficiency. Fortunately, Brainvire was more than capable of successfully replacing Capillary with Odoo CRM.

This CRM would function as a centralized system, storing all customer personal data, such as: name, address, date of birth, anniversary, etc. Behavioral data, like Purchase History, would also be stored, as well. Being able to analyze prior transactions can be used to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns and relevant product offerings, which would help Ajmal retain more customers and grow its audience.

Ajmal launches automated programs (such as: SMS and email campaigns) with a 360-degree customer view. In addition, the Ajmal team executes attractive social media campaigns and discount programs. Not only that, but everything is easily tracked through analytics, and all leads generated through social media are recorded automatically.

Ajmal Perfumes has a popular loyalty program known as, “Ajmal 1.” Brainvire customized every aspect of their loyalty program, and seamlessly integrated it into Odoo CRM & Odoo POS.

The brilliant Brainvire team worked on a considerable development for the loyalty programs, now based on POS. In addition, they completed extensive developments on the CRM portion, as well.

The Brainvire team also helped with a massive expansion for all of their automated SMS tasks and duties, which helps solidify Ajmal’s overall marketing automation strategy. There are still some steps that need to be taken in order to complete the entire project, but they’ve been progressing nicely since the very beginning, and show no signs of slowing down.

POS For Better Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

As previously mentioned, Ajmal Perfumes required a robust POS solution that could be integrated with their CRM software and ERP system (SAP) on the backend.

In Odoo POS, Brainvire implemented a loyalty management system. They improved it to meet their “Ajmal 1” loyalty criterion. In short, there are three tiers to this program: silver, gold, and platinum. Brainvire created a system that allows Ajmal Perfumes to upgrade (and downgrade) consumers, based on the distribution of points.

Brainvire made the process of redeeming points more flexible. Now, users can easily do it themselves across various categories of products, bills, and customers. Brainvire has also improved the concept of discounts. That scheme is found in Odoo, and allows Ajmal to put together a mix of different discounts to fit their unique business needs.

This system also supports multiple payment types, mass customer management, customer-specific management, accounting, and so much more.

Odoo-Magento Integration

Brainvire completed an Odoo-Magento integration for Ajmal Perfumes to help them engage more with customers, by providing them with a consistent experience across marketplaces, physical stores, and websites. As a result, Ajmal Perfumes required an Omnichannel retail solution and a solution provider.

Brainvire came up with Magento, as it is by far the best option to serve all of their retail business needs. The integration of Magento with Odoo CRM & Odoo POS allows for smooth, supremely seamless business operations throughout their entire company. 

All operations, (including omnichannel, online, and offline stores), are easily tracked in a single system. Because of this impeccable business model made possible by Odoo and Brainvire, Ajmal Perfumes continues to grow and maintain their status as one of the best in the industry.

About Brainvire Infotech Inc.

Brainvire Infotech Inc. is a prominent Odoo Gold Partner, having executed Odoo implementations in jewelry, manufacturing, retail, transportation, automotive, and real estate. 

Thanks to a strong workforce of in-house experts, Brainvire's growth strategy has effectively expedited project deployment for over two decades. Brainvire provides complete migration, customized core Odoo modules, retail omnichannel ERP solutions, industry-specific solutions, gap analysis and consultation, 3rd-party app integration, quality assurance, deployment/rollout services, and so much more.

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